Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dhivehi Fonts for Firefox Android

This a simple add-on to fix the display of most Dhivehi websites in Firefox for Android without having to root to install alternate system fonts.
Most websites like and use the @font-face CSS tag and display just fine on Firefox for Android and the latest versions of the default Android browser. However, not all Dhivehi websites use this and as such the Dhivehi text is not rendered at all for such sites. This add-on attempts to fix the rendering of such sites on Firefox for Android. For example:
Download/Install add-on: DhivehiFonts for Firefox Android


Anonymous said...

facebook ga dhivehi font adhives nufeney. ekanthah rangalhukohleveyne tha? (mi bunee firefox in FB ah vaneema)

Iruveli said...

Fixed that for you. See

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