Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DhiFix - Dhivehi Dictionary & Affix file creation for Hunspell

DhiFix is an open source application to simplify the creation and editing of Dhivehi dictionary and affix files for Hunspell. DhiFix uses the GTK+ run time and is created in C. The current version of DhiFix has the following features:
  • Add/Remove words from the dictionary.
  • Add/Remove affixed forms of words. This removes the affix flag for the word and not the actual affix.
  • Automatically create new affix rules if the word cannot be converted to suggested affixed form using existing affix rules.
  • Suggest new affixed forms of a word based on existing affix rules and the pattern observed at the beginning or end of the word.
DhiFix source and windows binaries are available from